Club Wyndham – Principal LGBTQ Couple (non-speaking)

TECO – Principal (non-speaking)

Peerfit – Principal (non-speaking)

Infomercial Lint Remover – Principal (speaking)

McDonald’s Pest Control – Principal (non-speaking) 

Business, lifestyle & travel blogger

Philly born, Colombian raised, sunny Florida living. 

I come from a family of people, who know who they are, love where they come from and build their future with their bare hands; I appreciate the concrete of my foundation and live everyday embracing who I am.

I escape everyday life by traveling the world because there’s no better feeling than being a new face in a different city. You could say I am the happiest in unfamiliar places, uncovering and discovering myself as I go, allowing my wings to spread and my views of the world to expand. 

I learn through action and first hand experiences are what my bones are made of. I welcome opinions but truly find it most rewarding to form my own. I find my purpose in life has been to inspire anyone and everyone to believe in themselves; I want to inspire them to live their lives ignoring the obstacles and the naysayers.

I can’t wait to share my experiences around the world, inspire you to work for your dreams and sprinkle a little bit of love!

Let’s ride!